Monday, August 21, 2017

The Eclipse.... and inspiration...

Of course there needs to be a little art about the eclipse.  Whimsy came out today...

I wanted the boys (Bugsy and cats) to pose with eclipse glasses.  They would not agree to that, so ...when it doubt, revert to a cartoon pal. Hope you get a good view if you are so inclined.

Art Quote of the Day

If you wish to make certain your painting will succeed, a minimum of three things must come from you -- and only you. The first thing is knowing why you ant to paint your subject,  the second is an analytical grasp of what you see, and the third is the skill to control the process of painting. 
                                                                                       ~ Richard Schmid ... Alla Prima II ~

Have a great day... and be safe in the exposure of your eyes to the eclipse.

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